blood orange vodka cocktail

This Blood Orange Vodka recipe is one of those recipes that is simple enough to prepare without a recipe book, and yet complex enough to make a drink that is delicious yet not too sweet.

I like Blood Orange Vodka. It’s not very sweet though.

I like Blood Orange Vodka. Its not very sweet though.

The Blood Orange Vodka recipe is very easy to make, and it’s not too sweet. Just a few tweaks make it even better. The difference between the two recipes is that the Blood Orange Vodka recipe comes in handy as a garnish on some of my favorite cocktails. And the Blood Orange Vodka recipe is very easy to follow.

If you’re not a fan of Blood Orange Vodka, you can always use this recipe.

That’s right, you can’t use blood orange vodka with other vodkas. To make vodkas with Blood Orange Vodka, youll first need to make a vodka-like syrup. You can do this by removing a small amount of the orange concentrate and adding it to another vodka. If you use this method, youll be using a bit less vodka. I generally only use the recipe for this syrup if I want to garnish a Bloody Mary or another vodka-like drink.

You can also make orange vodka-like drinks with vodka or other vodkas by adding it to a glass of water. Be sure to use blood orange vodka if you want to make Bloody Marys or other vodka-like drinks.

I find the drink a little weird because I generally like a vodka-like drink, not orange. I’m not sure if the orange concentrate is from the concentrate of the orange (which is what you use to make vodka-like drinks) or is just a syrup.

I don’t know how much of the syrup I added is from the concentrate of the orange. I’m using a syrup that is just a very rich orange concentrate, not like the syrup you get in those fancy vodka bars which is the orange concentrate blended into a clear alcohol such as vodka.

The drink is actually called Blood Orange Wrecking Ball.

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