bourbon tonic

Bourbon tonic is delicious (like everything in life) and I am so glad that bourbon and bourbon infused drinks are trending right now.

I don’t know what the reason is, but bourbon tonic is a wonderful drink.

Bourbon tonic is a delicious drink. I mean, just compare it to any other drink and you’ll see. It’s got to be some sort of chemical reaction between the bourbon and the sugar in the beverage that gives it its unique flavor. I can think of no other reason why anyone would want to drink this drink.

I wonder if bourbon tonic is in fact just a product of fermentation. If so, that would explain the unique flavor of bourbon. It may be in the ingredients too, but my memory isn’t quite as clear as I am now.

I mean, it’s an alcoholic drink. Just like margarita or mojito. You can’t drink it for long without it getting old.

A great many people think that bourbon tonic is a combination of whiskey and alcohol. I think it’s more likely that bourbon and tonic is simply a combination of bourbon and sugar (or perhaps sugar and alcohol). It’s hard to say exactly how these two are combined in the drink, but it is possible that they are. The only difference between a regular whiskey and a bourbon tonic is that a bourbon tonic has a lot more sugar in it.

A lot of the ingredients in a bourbon tonic are actually sugar, but that doesn’t mean that the two are the same. The sugars that come from sugar are actually not the same as the ones that come from alcohol. In fact, whiskey and alcohol are completely separate substances. This is because alcohol and sugar are both carbon-based. Unlike alcohol (which is carbon-based), sugar is a polymer, which means it is a chain made up of carbon atoms.

Sugar is the most common type of sugar, but alcohol is the most popular type of alcohol. The problem is, sugar is also the most addictive of all the sugars. When you go into a liquor store and look at the shelves full of different types of alcoholic drinks, you might be tempted to buy an apple juice, a low calorie drink, or a diet pop.

Sugar makes you feel good, and you know if you’re on a diet, you won’t feel good. You won’t feel great, and you’ll feel hungry. When you buy a diet soda, you’ll feel good but you won’t feel great. One thing that is sure to make you feel great is a nice glass of bourbon.

For a while, I knew bourbon could make me feel great, but I never looked into it further. I do now. I love bourbon, and I love the way it makes me feel. I know I’ll get drunk with it, but I’ll actually feel good and not feel like I’m being robbed right now.

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