cocktail grapefruit tree

I made this cocktail grapefruit tree with just a few ingredients. I just needed fresh grapefruit, cucumber, lime juice, agave nectar, and water. My friend, Amy, made this dish for me and it was delicious. I’ve included a recipe and photos.

Cucumber juice was the main ingredient, and I couldn’t really tell you why I made this. I know I’ve drank it, but I never ate it. I just think it might have been because I have a vague memory of eating it with my mom. I know cucumber juice is supposed to have some effect on your brain as well, so I just threw in some of it to see what effect it had on me.

Well, cucumber juice does seem to have an effect on your brain, but not by much. Ive found it to have a very mild effect, so I did a little research on it and found that it has a very low glycemic index. I dont know exactly why that is, but it seems to have that effect on me. Ive also found that it seems to stimulate your gag reflex, so you dont gag quite as much.

I dont know if I should give cucumber juice to my wife or my children, but I think that a little cucumber juice will probably help. Also, Ive found that it also stimulates the brain to produce dopamine, or the feel good hormone, which is very good for moods.

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