Why We Love cocktails with grenadine and vodka (And You Should, Too!)


The cocktail drinker’s hand.

Here we can see that the grenadine is actually made from sugarcane. The vodka is made from molasses the sugarcane.

Grenadine is a sugar-based tonic and is a popular ingredient in many drinks, but grenadine specifically is used to make the alcohol. The sugar is used to make the alcohol, so the grenadine is actually just added as an ingredient and not as a flavor.

The grenadine and the vodka are also a part of the recipe for gin.

The grenadine is also a sugar.

The grenadine is a sugar-based tonic. It’s used to make gin. The vodka is a molasses-based tonic and is a popular ingredient in many drinks, but vodka specifically is made from molasses.

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