coconut vodka martinis

This drink, made with coconut cream, coconut water, and a twist of lime, was born of a long-time friendship with friends who made similar drinks.

So, you’ve heard of coconut vodka, right? Well I’ve been told that it’s made with coconut cream. The coconut cream is actually really good for your health. It contains potassium and sodium, which are great for keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in check. The lime really helps you to enjoy it.

I have had this drink for years. Its great with a nice glass of white wine, or Champagne. Just make sure you don’t drink too much.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more refreshing it is definitely coconut vodka. It’s made with coconut cream, which contains potassium and sodium, and you’re supposed to drink it at least three times a day. Coconut vodka is very popular in the UK.

You can make your own coconut vodka out of a can of coconut cream, which is the same as the coconut cream that I mentioned earlier in this article, but I don’t recommend it as a regular vodka, because it is very strong and can be used in a lot of cocktails. A bit of a health freak myself, I use coconut water in my cocktails.

I’ve been using coconut water in cocktails for years. I can’t tell you how many cocktails I’ve made with coconut water. I’ve made a few that were pretty disgusting, but the ones that weren’t are very good. One of my favorites was a coconut water martini with blueberries and vanilla ice cream. It was very sickly sweet, but it was still quite tasty.

As a regular martini, I use coconut water in cocktails because it is very strong and can be used in a lot of cocktails: it’s a lot stronger than white bread, and it tastes like a real martini.

I like coconut water in cocktails because it is quite strong and it has a very high sugar content. I think the fact that it is a fruit is also a big plus. I think it should be used in cocktails more often than it is.

The reason I like coconut water is that it is extremely easy to make, and therefore very cheap. You can go to any grocery store and get a carton of coconut water, or you can go to a health food store and get a small container in a cooler. And it is extremely delicious.

Coconut water is a fruit, which is a fruit that is very delicious.

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