diwali cocktails

This week’s guest blogger is Vina Jain who is the creator of the online “diwali cocktail recipe” Facebook group. A little less serious, a little more fun than many of the other diwali posts out there, this post is a tribute to some of the best classic drinks we all enjoy in the summer.

The first is a mix I know you’ll love too. It’s a mix of the classic Jat ki chaat with some of the best mint spritzer you’ve ever sipped at a beach party. It’s simple, easy, and a great fall drink for cooler weather.

The second drink comes from the same guy, but I think he’s got some unique ingredients. His is a blend of the classic cocktails. It’s a mix that’s a little more complicated, though, because the ingredients really aren’t.

The first is a combination of fresh mint and a chilled white rum. Its a classic cocktail, but it mixes well with the rum and mint. The second drink is a drink I know you will love too. Its a blend of vodka, cranberry juice, mint, lime, and ginger. Its a great drink to have whenever youre having one of those crazy summer party days.

When I wrote the introduction to my new book The Diwali Cocktail, my initial thought was to come up with a cocktail recipe for the day of Diwali. That was a lot of hard work because I didnt really know what the day of Diwali was about. But I came up with this: The Diwali Cocktail. Its basically a vodka gin gin martini. We can drink it without the gin, but its a nice addition.

If you like a good martini, this is a pretty good one. A vodka gin gin martini is just a great way to drink from the comfort of your couch. It’s not the best drink in the world but it is pretty delicious.

For those who like their martinis a little stronger, the cocktail is topped with a shot of vodka. For those who like their vodka a little sweeter, the martini is topped with a shot of gin. For those who like their gin a little stronger, the martini is topped with a shot of rum.

I’ll be the first to admit that the martini and the cocktail are not the same thing, but that’s okay. Diwali is a time when we come together to honor the festival of colors. So, what I mean by that is, as we celebrate our colors, we will also celebrate the holidays of the color of the day. Which is why when I’m feeling particularly festive, I like to get fancy with my martini.

The martini and the cocktail are both cocktails, so if you want to look at how one is different than the other, you can check out the video for the martini. I like the martini, it is not bad. I also like to think of the martini as the “happy martini,” as much as I like to think of the martini as the “cold martini” as a way to indicate that it is not a happy martini.

While I’m not a fan of the martini, I love the martini cocktail. I love the martini and I think I love the martini. So when it came to the first question, I thought the martini would be my favorite. I was wrong. I like both. I think the martini is great. The martini has a nice sweetness and a nice tartness.

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