floating bookshelves

Floating bookshelves are a fun way to add a bit of light to your home. They’re perfect for any room that doesn’t need much in the way of reading.

To get the best effect, I like to position them behind the fireplace so the books look like they are floating behind the mantle. It makes the books seem both more natural and less like you are holding them in your hands.

Floating bookshelves are a great way to add a light touch to your home, but it doesnt have to be that way. You can also make it look like you are holding the books in your hands by placing them on a shelf above the fireplace. In a more traditional way of looking, you can choose to use the same shelf as the books above it.

If you’re thinking of how you can make your bookshelves look more like they are floating, you can use a variety of techniques. You can also choose to use them as an accent wall above the fireplace. To do this, place the bookshelves on a wall or a shelf above the fireplace and fill them with shelves. Then you can add a bookcase in front of each of the shelves to create a more traditional looking wall.

The effect of the bookshelf above the fireplace is more like a gallery. If you can use your bookshelves to create a gallery, it will give your collection a more traditional look. The only problem is that you will have to move the bookshelves out of the way when you want the fireplace to be facing the wall. This is a common problem with fireplaces.

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