gin old fashioned

I don’t drink gin. But I know some people do.

I dont drink gin. I like gin. I think it’s a fun drink with a great kick. And it makes you happy, which is kind of a weird thing to say. But I do think it’s a drink that’s a little unrefined for my tastes. I love whisky, but I don’t drink whisky.

I also think it makes you happy.

Well, I think if you like gin then you’ll probably love gin old fashioned. Some people who drink gin old fashioned, I think it is because they feel like they can mix in a bit of high spirits, but you can drink gin old fashioned without using it as a substitute for drinking vodka.

I think people who get gin old fashioned are looking for a bit of a buzz. I like a bit of a buzz and gin old fashioned is definitely one of those things. A lot of people who drink gin old fashioned, like the ones who are usually talking about it will tell you that they feel really mellow on the first drink and then they get very chatty and jolly on the second, third, and fourth.

It’s kind of like when you get drunk. You don’t have much interest in the conversation, but soon afterwards you can’t stop thinking about it. The key is to make sure you get enough to make you feel like you’re having fun, but not so much that your brain starts thinking about the conversation all the time.

It’s actually pretty silly when you get drunk and you know you are going to have fun, but so what? A drink just makes you feel better and you’re not really having fun. It’s like when you get shot by a sniper and you realise that you have no time left. This happens all the time.

Well, that’s the thing about alcohol. It makes you feel better at the moment you drink it, but you also don’t have to worry about where you are when you get home. In fact, you can’t even look at a clock. What you do when you get home is just take your clothes off and go to bed.

In my experience, alcohol is one of the few natural ways of self-sabotage. I have friends who drink alcohol when they are trying to commit suicide, and they do it with a lot of gusto. There’s a reason why people have suicide clubs.

If you drink too much, you tend to get sick more quickly. You dont get dizzy, you dont feel like you are falling, and you dont get a headache for a while. You cant even look at a clock.

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