ginger ale and vodka

This recipe is what happens when someone’s vodka and ginger ale are mixed together with ice in your kitchen. The ice makes the drink a little bit sweeter, which makes the drink a little bit more drinkable. The ice also keeps the drink from being too thick, but not too thin.

The ginger adds a slight kick to the drink, but the vodka gives it a nice kick. Just like when you go to a restaurant and order a drink with a little vodka, you get a little cocktail with a little vodka, but it’s not a watered down vodka.

In this case, the ginger and vodka is more like a sweet and sour drink made with a little bit of both. The ginger is sweet, and the vodkas are sweetened by the ginger. It’s the best of both worlds, a nice combination of sweet and sour that’s sure to make you feel like you’re on a tropical island with some of the best drinks in the world.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that ginger ale and vodka are like that, because they are just two of the most common cocktail combinations out there. They are both sweet and sour and if you want to be cool, you can order a cocktail and then go to a bar to watch a drink. The ginger ale and vodka is almost always the one that’s served with a white wine, and thats because they are both very sweet drinks.

In the world of cocktails, there are two types of drinks, “liquor” and “cocktails.” Liquor are the drinks you get at bars and restaurants and are served in a glass. Cocktails are the drinks you get at home. The two types are very similar, there are only differences in the way they are made, and the kinds of spirits that are used.

In fact, you can even get ginger ale and vodka mixed together. That’s why most parties drink the two together, and it is no accident that both drinks are sweet. It is like mixing alcohol and sugar together but the kind of sugar that is used is different.

Ginger ale is made from simple syrup and ginger, and vodka is made from vodka, sugar, and water. You can get your ginger ale from a bar, or a grocery store, and your vodka from a grocery store, or a bar, or even a restaurant and drink it at home, or on your vacation.

Drinking a cocktail is one of the easiest ways to forget how you got into a drunken state. Most people will have a drink when they get home while still drunk, and most of them will be drunk by the time they get home. The same is true of most of our alcohol intake. We may not remember how we got into the drunk state, but we certainly remember when we get out of it.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that many people don’t drink a cocktail very often, or even very often. But when they do, they typically do so alone. While many people think they’ll just be sitting and relaxing, or at least drinking one or two drinks, they are not alone. When you drink alone, you’re not likely to remember how you got into a drunken state.

A few of my friends do drink a few times a week, but its more common to get drunk at home with a few buddies. I dont remember much about getting drunk when I was younger. My recollection is a more general idea that I was drunk and not happy, but that’s not exactly the same. I remember being drunk, but not necessarily being happy. Once I started drinking a few cocktails, though, I realized just how much fun drinking with people is. I love it.

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