louisville’s official cocktail

This is our official cocktail at louisville. It is truly the best. The cocktail, which was created in the early 1950s by Louisville bartender Bob Harris, is the classic drink of the early days in Louisville. The recipe, which was a favorite of Frank Sinatra, is still used today by bartenders everywhere.

Our cocktail is a blend of our favorite ingredients: bourbon, lemon, and egg whites. The egg whites help the drink to have a creamy texture, and lemon gives it a slight tartness. It tastes like bourbon with a hint of spice.

The drink is the third of four recipes that Harris made for the first Louisville Cocktail Festival. The first two recipes were for a classic bourbon cocktail, and the last one was for a punch. The third recipe is the one we’re drinking.

The cocktail is based on a recipe Harris originally made back in the 1970s which was meant to be a “party cocktail,” but turned out to be too strong for that purpose. So in order to make it less strong, he turned it into a stronger version called the “Lime Cocktail.

The first two recipes are based on the traditional cocktail. The version we’re drinking is based on this old recipe. The lime juice is the one I’m going to use. The ingredients are one part sugar, one part lime juice, and a one-ounce scoop of ice. The one-ounce scoop of ice is there so I can add a teaspoon of soda or rum when I’m finished, just to make it a bit more refreshing.

I have always wondered why Im drinking all that lime juice, especially when Im not drinking anything. I mean of course it’s normal. Lime juice is natural. But I also wonder if it is because I’m not drinking and Im not drinking. The lime juice isn’t the problem. The problem stems from the fact that I’m drinking my own cocktail, which is basically a cocktail without the sugar and the lime juice.

I think it was the same thing I did when I first moved to lusville the other day. I was drunk in front of the bar, and the bartender, who was in my line of vision, turned to me, and said, “Now that’s why you love lusville.” I guess I can see how it could be the same thing, except now I dont have to be looking at a bartender and have to keep my eyes open to see if she’s looking at me.

Well, we can’t blame it on the bartender. This is the same thing I do when I first move to lusville. I start drinking at noon, and I get drunk by 7:30pm. The bartender is a friend, and I’ve been hanging out with her for a few months now. She gets me in the mood, and I start drinking for a while. Then the bartenders friend gets drunk and gets a little paranoid about whether or not I’m still there.

Sometimes I think it would be nice if the bartender could just say “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I should have made that better looking.

In order to make things less awkward, she has to go through a few steps to get the drink right and the guy does a few more steps to get it right. By the time we finish the drink, she has gotten a little tipsy. This is a lot of drinking in one night.

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