old pal cocktail

I’ve been a loyal, longtime patron of the old-school cocktail bartender, and I’ve made the perfect cocktail for ages. It’s an open-faced, light, refreshing cocktail that always comes out nicely.

This recipe is an oldie, but a goodie, and I think it’s one of those things that many of us have tried and love it.

A new cocktail will require a cocktail. The recipe below makes it simple and easy.

To make your own, fill a Mason jar with ice. Fill the rest of the jar with vodka.

The vodka will stay in the jar for several hours until it’s all gone. The vodka will be poured slowly over the ice and then poured over the ice in a bowl. The vodka will be ready when you shake it slowly to remove the vodka and the vodka will set in the ice.

This is a good recipe for people who like their drinks “warm”, as the ice doesn’t get very hot. I’ve had it cold and it still tastes good.

The vodka works very well. It’s a nice change that a few people have chosen.

This is a great recipe for those who like their drinks cold. Ive had it cold and it still tastes good.

Not only does this recipe work great for those who like their vodka cold, but it also works great for those who like their alcohol hot.

Most of the ingredients you’ll need for this drink are in the video above. If you want a full recipe you can check out this post on how to make that cocktail.

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