tequila aperol cocktail

I love this tequila cocktail. It is a refreshing blend of fresh agave nectar, tequila, and fresh lime juice. The combination of flavors makes this an incredibly refreshing way to start any night.

I’m not the biggest tequila fan but I’m a sucker for a good cocktail. This is one of those cocktails that is going to impress you even if you don’t like tequila. If you don’t like tequila, you can always just drink a regular margarita.

The recipe is here at the official tequila blog. I found it particularly nice for my own tequila experience.

This recipe is from the official tequila blog.

This recipe is from the official tequila blog.

My favorite tequila is the “Original Red” version ( It is the one that has the best flavor but with the least age. If you like a little bit of extra kick from the younger versions, make this with the older ones. It will kick your night up a notch.

I like the Margarita version best, but of course there are other tequilas out there that suit your tastes and needs. I’m a big fan of the “White Tequila” which is made exclusively for the North American market. It is a blend of white tequila and agave. You can find it at tequila shops and on the internet.

I’ve been told that the White Tequila is the only tequila that is 100% agave and the best. The White Tequila is one of the most popular tequilas of all time and is also the only tequila that is 100% agave. There are a couple of other brands which are made with agave, but are not 100% agave.

Ive found that the White Tequila is my favorite tequila to drink. I think it is the best, but I also think that there are some better ones out there.

The White Tequila is made from 100% agave nectar. The agave nectar is made from agave, which is a type of plant that grows in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Each agave nectar bottle contains approximately 90% agave, with the remaining 10% coming from other ingredients. The agave is ground into a homogenous liquid. The liquid is then distilled (the process of producing the agave nectar) and then filtered.

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