tequila mule recipe

While I love a good mule, these tequila mule recipes are too good to pass up. I’ll share my recipe with you and you can make your own. The only rule is that you have to get your mule approved by the tequila company. The tequila company only allows tequila companies to sell their own branded tequila. They will not allow the tequila to come with any flavorings.

If you’re like me, you probably have an un-shakable distaste for tequila. I know that tequila is usually pretty good, but I just don’t like it. I love my tequila, but I also have a pretty strong distaste for tequila. It’s probably because I’ve had a few.

I know that we’ve all had some tequila, but I actually prefer a good vodkas. If it’s not a good vodkas, I dont care. But here’s my recipe for tequila mule.

Youre probably thinking it sounds a bit weird and odd. Its a bit like a mule, but a mule that is made with two tequilas. You start it with 1/2 tequila, water, vodka, and a lime (or other citrus) juice. If you like it, and you have an orange or some other citrus that you juice, you can add in some agave nectar instead of tequila.

I prefer tequila. I want my tequila to be a good one, however, I know some people prefer vodka or even more. I prefer to drink tequila when I actually have a good vodkas and I dont want to drink some bad one. Tequila is a great drink because its a great mix of many different liquors, and it’s a very versatile one.

I like tequila because I don’t like the idea of having to mix it in a blender or anything, but I also don’t like that it needs a lot of sugar or anything. I prefer tequila though because its a great mix of many different liquors, and its a very versatile one.

I love tequila because its a great mix of many different liquors, and it is very versatile. In fact, I don’t want to be talking about tequila because i want to talk about vodka. I like vodka because I like it a lot. I like how it has a very complex flavor but I also like how it can taste like vanilla.

With that said, you can’t get much more versatile than a mule. It’s just that if you’re going to drink a mule, you’ll want two. Mules are basically sweet tequila that’s got a lot of kick and a lot of sweetness. I actually prefer mules that are a little bit stronger in flavor than regular tequila.

I do understand why people do this. You can’t get more versatile than a mule because there are so many things you can do with mules. The most important thing is that you can get the flavor of the drink, the taste of it, and the overall effect.

As far as the mules are concerned, I think its safe to say that tequila is the most versatile of all the liquors. Not just the flavor, but the actual amount. The mule is a drink that is used to a wide range of purposes and people. The average person can put a shot of tequila in their hand and have a variety of effects. And when you get into a mule you get a whole lot more variety.

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