what do you get when you mix lemon with gunpowder

What do you get when you mix lemon with gunpowder? You get a new invention that changes the way we think and how we live.

You get a new invention that changes the way we think and how we live. The world is filled with things that we could never have imagined existed in these modern times. But until you have a brain, you can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful life could be if you just had one.

The invention of the gunpowder and gunpowder powder was introduced in the 1600s by the English military genius Captain Benjamin St John Gunpowder. Gunpowder was initially used as a weapon for hunting, but the inventor realized that it would be much more effective if it could be used as a means of generating light. This led him to invent the light bulb and the rocket. These two inventions were the first to be mass-produced, and they have radically changed the world ever since.

There is a good reason for the name Gunpowder. It was a first-rate weapon, and the first time there was a weapon that could fire something that it could not do it’s own way. The gunpowder was a very powerful weapon, and the first human to use it was the British naval genius Sir John Brown. He had worked on the first gunpowder battery, and he was able to use the very first one to do the job of killing birds.

Gunpowder is a good example of a simple weapon that could be used to shoot the enemy in a few places (for example, in a war zone). But the first gunpowder battery was a completely different weapon. If you had to use a gunpowder, you’d use a rocket-launched bomb or a ship, which was the way to go for a gunpowder gun.

gunpowder could also be used defensively against enemies. It was used in battles during the American Civil War and World War I.

The first gunpowder battery was a cannon that was a lot bigger than the cannon today, and it was huge. A gunpowder gun was a weapon that had a lot of power, but was extremely small. The first gunpowder battery was a small cannon that could be built into a cannon ship. This allowed the gunpowder weapons to be fired from ships instead of cannon ships. Gunpowder was a weapon that could defend ships as well as attack ships.

Guns were used to kill people back in the day, but the more powerful gunpowder weapons made it easier to kill people. That’s what gunpowder guns are all about. We use gunpowder guns when we kill someone and it’s amazing.

gunpowder guns are just like the kind of guns you’ll find on Star Trek. You can use gunpowder guns to kill people, but its also used to fight wars. It’s also used in modern warfare. The first gunpowder weapons made use of gunpowder and were very powerful, but it was also very fast. It took maybe a minute to reload one of them. They were very long, and it took years to train a replacement.

gunpowder guns were the weapon of choice against the Turks and Arabs in the early 20th century. They were used to do great harm to the enemy. They were also very heavy and cumbersome. This is because to use gunpowder to kill someone while being on the battlefield, you had to load and then unload a gunpowder gun.

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