whisky champagne cocktail

This whisky champagne cocktail is a recipe that I often make when I want to make something more, well, more. I like to think of it as a kind of indulgence, because it is certainly more than that. It is so much more. It is something you can only make once and never again.

Whiskey champagne cocktails are usually made by adding vodka to a mix of tequila and sugar. The vodka keeps the sugar from crystallizing so you end up with a more interesting result.

The first time I made whisky champagne cocktails, I added a little vodka to a tequila-sugar-amaretto mix. After that, it was just a matter of slowly adding more tequila. I’ve since found a recipe that works with any tequila, so I’ve made a few different flavours over the years.

All the ingredients you need to make the vodka are listed in the table above.

I love the idea of a cocktail that is both sweet and sour but without the alcohol, so I’ve never made one that isn’t either. I love the idea of a cocktail that is both sweet and sour but without the alcohol, so I’ve never made one that isn’t either.

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