The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About bourbon and rum cocktail


The Bourbon and Rum Cocktail is a nice, refreshing, and light cocktail that you can throw in a martini glass or even a glass of your favorite wine. It’s a classic with a twist, and I’m a fan of the original, which comes from the “bourbon and rum” cocktail.

There are two reasons why the Bourbon and Rum Cocktail is so popular. One is because it is easy to make, and also because it is a great drink that people enjoy having on their own. The other reason is because it makes a great accompaniment to a meal. The Bourbon and Rum Cocktail is a great drink to have in the morning or before your day’s work or school.

My personal favorite is a glass of bourbon and a shot of brandy, but the same principle applies here. I think it’s important to remember that you are not actually drinking the drink itself, you are drinking the drink that came with its own bottle of very expensive bourbon and a very expensive shot of very expensive brandy.

The reason for the difference is because the bourbon and brandy are blended with the rum. The reason that the bourbon and rum cocktail is so great is because the rums are quite expensive relative to the other ingredients. We usually serve this cocktail at parties, but I think it would make a cool cocktail to serve at your next cocktail party.

The drink itself is great, but it’s really not that expensive, and it really does taste really good. I can’t say that the flavors of the bourbon and brandy blend as well as it sounds, but I do think it’s really good. And the reason that it’s so expensive is because it goes toward the main ingredient, the rum.

All of this is a question of taste as well as cost. I think that this recipe, in particular, is really fun to make because it is so simple. Just mix your ingredients and you’re good to go. It is one of the quickest cocktails I’ve ever made.

Its very hard to create something that will truly have a complex flavor with just three ingredients. This recipe is like the ultimate in simplicity. Everything tastes good and its inexpensive.

If you want to try this recipe, check out the recipe for Bourbon and Rum Cocktail which is available in the recipe box of this post.

If you want to try this recipe, check out the recipe for Bourbon and Rum Cocktail which is available in the recipe box of this post.

To help you better understand why bourbon and rum are so popular, we’ve put together a quick video that will walk you through the process. In the video, we’ll be exploring some of the history behind the creation of the two most popular cocktails in the world.

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