Dabang Delhi Pro Kabaddi Team 2023 Preview


The Pro Kabaddi League has grown steadily over the years and has garnered a significant fan following in India. With the 2023 season around the corner, Dabang Delhi is gearing up to make a mark in the league once again. As one of the top teams in the competition, Dabang Delhi always manages to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with their thrilling performances. Let’s take a look at what the team has in store for the upcoming season and delve into their strengths, weaknesses, key players, and expectations.

Team Overview:

Dabang Delhi has been a consistent performer in the Pro Kabaddi League, showcasing a blend of young talent and experienced players. Known for their aggressive and strategic gameplay, the team has always been a tough contender for their opponents. With sharp raiders and strong defenders, Dabang Delhi promises to deliver an electrifying performance in the 2023 season.

Key Players:

  1. Naveen Kumar: The star raider of Dabang Delhi, Naveen Kumar, has been a standout performer in the league. His agility, speed, and impeccable raiding skills make him a formidable player on the mat.

  2. Ravinder Pahal: Known as the ‘Hawk’ of Dabang Delhi, Ravinder Pahal is a seasoned defender who excels in blocking opponents and securing crucial points for his team.

  3. Vijay Malik: A rising star in the team, Vijay Malik’s strong presence in the defense line adds depth to Dabang Delhi’s gameplay.


  • Strong Raiding Squad: Dabang Delhi boasts a potent raiding squad led by Naveen Kumar, who can single-handedly turn the tide of a match.

  • Solid Defense: With players like Ravinder Pahal and Vijay Malik holding the fort, Dabang Delhi has a sturdy defense that can thwart even the toughest of raiders.

  • Strategic Approach: The team is known for its tactical approach to matches, making well-thought-out decisions on the mat.


  • Inconsistent Performance: Despite their talent, Dabang Delhi has shown inconsistency in performance in crucial matches, which could be a point of concern.

  • Over-Dependency on Key Players: The team sometimes relies heavily on a few key players, which could backfire if they are off their game.

Expectations for the 2023 Season:

Fans have high expectations from Dabang Delhi in the upcoming season. With a well-rounded team, they aim to clinch the coveted Pro Kabaddi League trophy. The team will focus on maintaining consistency in performance, addressing their weaknesses, and playing to their strengths to emerge as strong contenders for the title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When is the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 season scheduled to begin?

  • The exact dates for the 2023 season of the Pro Kabaddi League are yet to be announced, but it generally commences in mid or late summer.

2. How many teams are participating in the Pro Kabaddi League 2023?

  • The 2023 season of the Pro Kabaddi League is expected to feature 12 teams competing for the title.

3. Who are the past champions of the Pro Kabaddi League?

  • Past champions of the Pro Kabaddi League include teams like Patna Pirates, Bengaluru Bulls, U Mumba, and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

4. Is Dabang Delhi the only team representing Delhi in the Pro Kabaddi League?

  • Yes, Dabang Delhi is currently the only team that represents Delhi in the Pro Kabaddi League.

5. What are some of the key rule changes in the Pro Kabaddi League for the 2023 season?

  • The league organizers have introduced a few rule changes, including new scoring systems and revised timeout rules to enhance the overall gameplay experience for fans and players alike.

As the countdown to the 2023 Pro Kabaddi League season begins, fans are eagerly awaiting another action-packed season filled with thrilling matches, nail-biting moments, and outstanding performances from teams like Dabang Delhi. With a mix of experience and youth, Dabang Delhi is all set to dazzle the spectators and make a strong bid for the championship title. Keep an eye out for their matches as they set the mat on fire with their power-packed gameplay!

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