elizabethian era food

While we are used to the modern world of quick meals with few ingredients, the elizabethian era was different. Food was plentiful and varied with the use of herbs and spices.

The elizabethian era food was in many ways like our own. It had a wide variety of ingredients and a variety of textures, but it was generally a lighter, healthier food. In fact, one of the reasons our ancestors made so much money was because they were able to maintain a healthy diet. Without that, they would have been completely wiped out.

At the elizabethian era, the food was so plentiful that people lived on a diet of herbs and spices. But they were also able to use spices in a way that wasn’t so common. Instead of having the ingredients listed in the back of the spice jar, the spices were used in more creative ways. For example, they were used to make a drink called “Elizabethian Spice” that was a type of drink that consisted of only three ingredients.

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