Elle Brooke vs Paige Vanzant: A Comparison


Mixed martial arts fans around the world have been buzzing about the potential matchup between Elle Brooke and Paige Vanzant. Both fighters are renowned in the MMA world for their skills, personalities, and sheer determination. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into their backgrounds, fighting styles, achievements, and potential outcomes of a hypothetical fight between them.


  • Elle Brooke: Elle Brooke, also known as “The Phenom,” burst onto the MMA scene with a bang. With a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, Brooke quickly rose through the ranks with her impressive grappling skills and striking abilities. Her no-nonsense attitude and relentless work ethic have endeared her to fans worldwide.

  • Paige Vanzant: Paige Vanzant, dubbed as “12 Gauge,” gained fame not only for her fighting skills but also for her appearances on reality TV shows and dancing competitions. Vanzant’s background in dance has seamlessly blended with her MMA career, making her a dynamic and unpredictable fighter in the cage.

Fighting Styles:

  • Elle Brooke: Elle Brooke is known for her aggressive grappling style, often looking to take her opponents to the ground where she can utilize her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills to secure submissions. However, she is no slouch in the stand-up department either, with powerful strikes that can put her opponents on the back foot.

  • Paige Vanzant: Paige Vanzant brings a unique blend of striking and movement to the octagon. Her background in dance has given her footwork that can confound opponents, and her striking repertoire includes a mix of punches, kicks, and knees that keep her adversaries guessing.


  • Elle Brooke: Elle Brooke has amassed an impressive record in her MMA career, with multiple submission victories and dominant performances in the cage. Her rise through the ranks has been swift, and she is seen as a future champion in her weight class.

  • Paige Vanzant: Paige Vanzant has also enjoyed success in her MMA career, with notable wins over top-ranked opponents. Her marketability and cross-over appeal have made her a star both inside and outside the cage.

Potential Matchup:

  • If Elle Brooke and Paige Vanzant were to face off in the octagon, it would be a clash of styles and personalities. Brooke’s ground game against Vanzant’s striking prowess would make for an intriguing matchup that could go either way.

  • While Brooke may have the edge in grappling, Vanzant’s movement and striking could pose problems for her on the feet. It would be a battle of tactics and strategy, with both fighters looking for opportunities to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.

In conclusion, a potential fight between Elle Brooke and Paige Vanzant would be a treat for MMA fans worldwide. Both fighters bring unique skills and qualities to the table, making it a matchup that is eagerly anticipated. Whether it’s Brooke’s grappling or Vanzant’s striking, one thing is for sure – it would be a fight to remember.

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