heretic fork

I am a fan of the little wooden fork that is made especially for the holidays. It’s made out of an alabaster wood and is the perfect size for a toothpick or even a spoon. You can either use it as a spoon, or you can use it to eat your dinner. It is also small enough to be wrapped up and put in your purse.

The fork has it’s own kind of fanfare, but it is the perfect gift for people who have a hard time getting to the Toothpick Fairy in the first place.

The heretic fork is a fun little gift that I’m sure many people will enjoy. It is also a great way to get a little something for yourself or others you don’t have the money to buy. One of these days I may even try making a little version myself.

My very own toothpick fairy. For a little while I tried to make my own fork. I was successful for a little while, but then I realized that my fork was too small. I couldnt really eat my dinner with it. I was getting bored.

You have to remember that this fork is a gift. Im talking about something you have a very specific purpose for. Im not talking about something that you might accidentally eat yourself. We all have our own “favorite” gifts, but even if it is a small gift such as a toothpick, it is still a gift. It is also a gift because even if you have never had it before, you know what you like.

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