rum and lime cocktail

The first time I had this drink it was just the three of us at a restaurant. We ordered a drink, and we both ordered rum. We had been drinking for a while, so we were pretty sure we would both have one. When we came down to the bar, though, we weren’t sure we wanted the same one.

The first time we had a drink, we ordered the drink. We both ordered the drink. The bartender picked it up and we both did it. We were both surprised and confused. We thought it was a drink from the other side of the island. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case.

We are both very curious to know what the bartender is serving you, but we were both pleasantly surprised when we tasted it. It was not at all like the rum and lime cocktail we had at the restaurant. The rum was very fresh, and the lime was sharp, but it was still a very refreshing drink.

We are very intrigued and curious to see what the bartender is offering you in the bartender’s bar, but we are also very confused. Rum and lime cocktail is a very refreshing drink, but we’re not sure what the bartender is serving to you. We like the idea of a new drink, but we don’t know what the bartender is offering you.

The rum and lime cocktail is a very refreshing drink. It is also a very old-fashioned cocktail. You’d think after all these years that you’d be pretty confident in your cocktail skills, but you’re not. Here’s a warning: if you enjoy a rum and lime cocktail, you’re in for a treat.

Its a very old-fashioned cocktail, as any bartender will tell you. It has the ingredients of a very special drink back in the day, but is very refreshing. So is the rum in this cocktail. The rum is a sweet rum, and the lime is a tart fruit. The rum and lime cocktail is a very refreshing drink. It can also be very sweet and tart at the same time.

How about the lime cocktail? It’s not as good as the rum.

The first time we ate the ice cream, we were pretty much an ice-cream fanatic. As a general rule, the more ice-cream you have in your diet, the more it gets at you. We had ice cream for breakfast, and our breakfast drink was a banana with a lemon. A banana and lemon are the kind that we drink every day. We drank the ice cream a lot, and it got much better than anything else we’d had in the past.

It’s important to note that when we get a drink, we’re either drinking it or not drinking it. It’s also important to note that the drinks we drink are no different from those we drink as a family. Our family members are also our friends. We may not be family, but we do have friends to help us out.

We can have a wonderful breakfast, but we can also have a bad breakfast. And when we have a bad breakfast, we have a great breakfast.

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